Financial grants are available to issue for the COS Annual Meeting for members who are still in training. For those wishing to submit an application, the following guidelines will apply.

Who is eligible?

  1. Ophthalmology Residents
  2. Ophthalmology Fellows
  3. Medical Students
    • 3rd and 4th year
    • Planning a residency in ophthalmology
    • Need a letter of recommendation from a practicing ophthalmologist who is not a family member. This letter of recommendation can be emailed to:

What are the Criteria for obtaining a grant?

  1. Meet one of the above criteria of eligibility.
  2. Become a FREE Member in Training of the COS.
  3. Fill out the "Member in Training Grant Application for the COS Annual Summer Meeting" form.
  4. Submit a case to potentially present at the ‘Super Bowl of Grand Rounds” during the annual meeting.

What is covered?

  • Meeting Registration Fee
  • Lodging
    • Single or traveling alone -- The grant will pay for a room that the grant recipient will share with another grant recipient of the same gender.
    • Married traveling with family -- The grant will pay for 1 room for the grant recipient and their family.
  • Food
    • Trainee: The grant will pay for the grant recipient’s breakfasts, lunch(es) and banquet meals that are part of the COS Annual Meeting.
    • Spouses: COS will offer a 50% off discount for the grant recipient’s spouse for the meeting lunch(es) and banquet meals that are a part of the COS Annual Meeting.

NOTE: Transportation to/from the Annual Meeting is not covered.

How does a COS Grant work with those in a training program that covers meeting expenses?

  • Full Payment: If the grant recipient’s training program pays for meeting registration, lodging and/or meeting meals, the grant recipient will need to pay covered expenses through their program and/or personally pay for it and submit the receipts to their program for reimbursement.
  • Partial Payment: If the grant recipient’s training program pays for part of the above-mentioned meeting costs, the COS will cover the remaining amount of ineligible expenses that the training program does not pay for.
  • No Payment: If the grant recipient’s training program does not cover meeting expenses, the COS will provide a discount code to the grant recipient to use when registering for the meeting. This code will automatically apply the proper grant amount. The recipient will be responsible to pay for any other expenses the grant does not cover, such as travel, meals outside of the meeting schedule, children’s and spouse’s programs (if applicable) and personal expenditures, etc.