Glen Brindley Mentor Program

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Founder J. Lawton Smith was famous for stirring up folks with the way he phrased things.  He certainly got right to the point but with very catchy and witty phrases.  (see more about the Legend of Lawton here.)


Though Lawton never used the phrase "practicing first class medicine in a spirit of love", this is what he challenged the doctors around him to do at all times.  It is for this reason that the J. Lawton Smith award has been given to a physician who demonstrates this type of attitude and excellence in their practice of medicine.  


To see the physicians who have been honored with this award, please click here.

"Dr. Brindley taught and modeled before me the importance of ordering my priorities - my faith, my family, my work. He loved God and His Word, he loved his family, and he loved people. You could not ask for a more faithful, God-fearing, humble boss. I returned to Scott & White because I wanted to work for Dr. Brindley. He would always check on my own faith walk, my marriage, my kids, and lastly, my work. I miss him. The culture of Christian service he created in our department will continue in his honor and for God's glory."

Professor, Scott & White
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Kenny Lao, MD

"The mentor/mentee program through the Christian Ophthalmology Society has been instrumental as I pursue my aspirations of becoming an ophthalmologist. My mentor and I quickly connected and began discussing the role of faith and the Christian walk as it relates to the practice of ophthalmology, as well as day-to-day life. I am so thankful for this excellent program that connects Christians in the field of ophthalmology!"

-- Student

"The Glen Mentor Program has been a blessing! It’s awesome having an opportunity to receive wise counsel, pray together, and discuss life. It has certainly encouraged me in my walk with Christ. I’m grateful to COS for the opportunity! In Him."

-- Hayden Smiley / Medical Student

The mentorship program has given me the opportunity to spiritually encourage and share life experiences that I have gone through that are unique to being a Christian woman ophthalmologist. I wish I had such a mentor during the early years of my career and now I have the opportunity to provide the guidance and encouragement I so desperately wished I had.

-- Female Mentor

The thing that has helped me the most about the mentor program is having someone who has been through very similar experiences and shares common values, gives honest advice, encouragement, and accountability. As an Ophthalmology resident, it is easy to feel isolated or think that the struggles I face are unique, but building a relationship with someone who has been through residency and is living out his walk in the next phase of life gives me confidence in facing the challenges now and emboldens me about the future.

-- Male Ophthalmology Resident

My mentor has been encouraging, comforting, and cool to get to know. We have a lot in common but she is further along her path than I am. I trust her advice and wisdom. I’m grateful to have a different kind of mentor than I’ve ever had before.

-- Female Ophthalmology Fellow
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